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When hiring special event security, you definitely don’t want to wait until the last minute; prices are bound to be exorbitant to include the inability for anyone to perform proper planning, and in some cases proper staffing. Special Event Security staff can eliminate “the worry” from your list of things you already have to deal with at your event, IF you hire the right company.

Special occasions occur throughout the year and you want to be sure that your energy spent making plans and preparations is devoted to fulfilling the requirements of your engagement, not focused on whether the security staff  is performing their task correctly or at all.

What to look for when hiring event security

Like any service you’ll want to be sure to contact at least 3 companies after doing your research; but keep in mind, the chances of the sales person that you’re speaking with will NOT be on your property securing your special event. So make sure his/her schmoozing capabilities, and professionalism are passed down to the special event security staff that WILL be at your engagement.

You also want to verify that the special event security staff will be veterans of the company, and not a new group just hired off Craigslist a day before the event which often happens when contracting out with understaffed security providers.

You want to ensure that whatever special event guard sets foot on your premises is professional, trained, and equipped to handle the tasks at hand. Your event is not the time for a security company to “wing it” or try out unknown, untested, and new employees.

Unprofessional security guardsWhen contracting out with a Special Event Security service be realistic and keep liability and safety in mind for not only yourself and the staff but also the guests and customers as well.

Keep in mind if you are hosting the event you are responsible for everyone that is attending including providing a reasonable expectation of safety while there.

Don’t expect one or two special event security guards to provide security for a crowd of 500-1,000 people, which also may include alcohol and a mixed crowd, this is not enough security staff on hand (in this example) and could be seen as negligent should an incident occur.

Final Steps in Hiring a Security Staff

While most customers focus on price being their main deciding factor when hiring Special Event Security for your event – a lot more must go into that decision making process. Any professional security provider that wants to protect you and themselves must take a hard look at “liability, risk, & exposure concerns”- and then what is it going to take to reduce it for both you, and the security provider; this is an area that SRS takes very seriously.

At SRS, our staff meets with you prior to any event, provides an assessment and solid plan. SRS makes safety recommendations, and places solid security professionals at your event as needed so that your event remains a nice, safe, and memorable time for everyone. We ask that you don’t view security as the “unwanted expense” during your event but to view it as the “incident and liability reducer “that it truly is.

Make sure your event security live up to your expectations; call on SRS Services now, to avoid the risk of being let down.


September 10th, 2019 by Texasnews

Why hire a security guard service? It’s essential if you want to provide your business with professionals who have the knowledge and skills to protect your assets and deter crime. Whether it be walking the aisles of your store to reduce theft or providing an improved level of security in your parking lot, the presence of a security officer can help eliminate crime on your property.

The goal is to reduce crime in areas that would otherwise be a target.

Take for example the parking lot of a busy mall; it is notorious for robberies, assaults, and even vandalism; however, with more malls utilizing security guard services, these professionals have been able to deter crimes and ensure that the shopping experience people have is safer.

Even having a security professional in an office building to screen visitors that enter the structure and make certain only authorized persons are allowed on the property provides a sense of security for guests and staff; to add, the security professional can also escort guests/staff to their vehicles and provide high visibility that can reduce the risk of crime occurring on or near the location.

Security Guard Service in Austin

The city of Austin hosts everything from sporting events to concerts and other public and private functions where large crowds gather. Having a reliable and professional security service will help give attendees a pspecial event guards austineace of mind.

If a brawl were to ensue, the security officers would step in and defuse the situation before it escalated, or just the guards’ presence alone may prevent the altercation from even taking place – prevention is far less expensive than the cost of repairs.

Security and HOAs

Many residential communities would like to keep their neighborhoods safe but neighborhood watch groups can only do some much between the hours of 1am – 6am, the neighborhood is not on watch but the burglar is. A security officer patrolling the area can stop a criminal from car theft and entering homes.

Preventive Measures at Apartment Complexes

apartment security austinCurfew issues, break-ins, and unwanted visitors… every Apartment Manager’s worst nightmare. Providing a posted guard will definitely take away the manager’s stress and help residents feel secure knowing they can safely enter their apartment and not worry about their car or place of residence being broken into.

If you are considering hiring a guard company, check into that guard company.

Austin Crime Rate Statistics 

Austin Crime Stats

Property Crime Rate Comparison:
National Median – 29.1
Texas – 34.72
Austin – 53.05
Chances of becoming a victim in Austin – 1 in 19


Tips for Hiring a Security Guard Service

The following are also things to look for:

  1. Do they have the proper credentials to operate in your area?
  2. Are their security guards professionally dressed and approachable?
  3. Is their reputation positive or have there been a number of filed complaints against them?
  4. How do they handle communication when a problem arises?

The last thing you need is a guard that doesn’t possess any licenses, not properly uniformed, isn’t approachable and has an attitude problem.

Imagine this: you have an upset client, resident, or customer that needs the guard’s assistance because your staff isn’t around to help the client with his issue; the guard isn’t personable, doesn’t really care to assist your customer, has very little training, and makes matters worse.

Avoid the aforementioned…

Remember the security guard represents your business and you; not to mention, is generally the first person people see when they arrive on your property. So be sure to select a great company with professional and trustworthy security officers to provide service on your property.