January 5th, 2021 by Texasnews

“Can I save money opting for in-house security versus hiring a contracted security staff?” That question has entered the minds of more than 50% of clients who have a security provider.

At one time or another, businesses have toyed with the idea of running their own In-house security program instead of contracting out with a security provider.

To potentially cut out extra charges and higher rates and be in direct control of all aspects of the security program, to include the hiring and management process, seems cost-effective to have an in-house staff until you factor in what having your own guard force entails.

In-house Security Versus Contracted Security

Let’s do some math here = Calculators out…Cost of inhouse vs contracted security

Each guard must be trained, certified, and licensed with the state which will also include their required background check; fees will be added per guard.

You, as a private business, will have to submit a request and seek permission/authorization to run your own private security force which, if approved, you will receive a “Letter of Authority;”  this will require additional fees, forms, proof of insurance, and an on-site security manager that has recognized experience.


There are uniform expenses, Workers Compensation, Unemployment, Payroll taxes, overtime, drug testing, employment advertising and processing; and the list goes on and on… AND, don’t forget administration time or the cost to pay someone else to oversee all of this.

Can businesses save more using their own security versus hiring contracted security?

Prepare to have extra staff on board when the in-house guards call off or call in sick.

Hiring security Austin TexasAn “in-house” security service program may give you more direct control, but it is at a price of both time and money; bottom line, it is not cheaper if you are paying all your taxes, fees, and all aforementioned costs. Just the hiring/firing and training process is time-consuming and an added stress for any business.

The Age of Litigation

If you’re “in-house” guards have an injury or unemployment claim/lawsuit, it will directly affect your insurance, as you have no outside contractor to act as the buffer on those issues, to include liability claims – something to ponder!

A business won’t generally have insurance that covers security operations; once the business notifies the insurance company, rates will definitely increase.

Security WarningNote: Insurance costs are already factored in the hourly rate of a contracted security service; so when a client hires a private security company they have to keep in mind that a lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure everything runs properly, and that is why the rates are higher than that of a direct wage for an in-house employee.

It actually costs YOU more to run an in-house security operation, as YOU have to pay for all the costs that the private security company would normally pay.

…The scale is tipping.

In some cases an in-house security program or one that combines both may be the better choice, but for the majority, an outsourced contractor is efficient and less perplexed.

What’s the most affordable private contracted security service?

A contracted security service can be tailored to your needs and you won’t have to worry about all of the intricate details, just hire and go!

If you want more involvement in the hiring and screening process of the security staff that will be at your location, let your security provider know and insist on an interview with the guard(s) before they are placed on your property.

If you want daily security meetings/contact, updates, or maybe even an onsite supervisor on the property, advise your security provider of your terms. You can also have your own Director of security and insist that your security provider place him on location as site/post commander.

Ditch the in-house security “thought” and call on SRS Services; we will show you just how contracted security is not only cheaper but better than in-house security.