Movie Theater Security Guards: Are They Necessary?

Having security guards at cinemas… one would think this is a no-brainer. Whenever hundreds of people are joined at one location, there should definitely be security staff on board. Huge crowds equate to different personalities, backgrounds, ages, and the list goes on; the smallest incident such as an accidental nudge can snowball into something completely out of control.

Who will step in quickly to defuse the problem; the theater staff? These individuals are not trained in crowd control or any other security-related issue.

Should all Theaters have Security Guards


Even though the state police are quite efficient across the country, it still takes them some time to respond to a location; hence, if there are professionals who are capable of neutralizing any such vulnerability at theaters, movie lovers would feel a lot safer if they were employed.


Billions of dollars each year are generated because of movie goers; the very least that can be done is to provide extra security at movie theaters.

July 20, 2012, a date that will never be forgotten: one gunman killed 12 and injured 48 people at Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado.

This, and other events in the past, gives birth to questions like: is cinema security necessary? Security analysts and other experts, including attorney Marc Bern, believe that the above-mentioned incident could have been avoided had Cinemark appointed security guards at the theater.

In the course of these events, there has now begun an ongoing debate between those individuals who believe that the best way to counter any such events in the future is to allow the citizenry to carry concealed firearms in public areas and those who oppose this notion and advocate that the best solution is to increase manpower dedicated to the security in these locations.

Some theater owners agree with the latter sub-demographic and have decided that the best way of ensuring security is to appoint security guards at their locations and increase the amount of physical security, i.e. manpower.


At two theaters in New Orleans, security personnel now “pat down” each and every individual for weapons.


Think that’s extreme?

If it prevents headline news from occurring like that of July 20, 2012, then it is well worth it.


The fact is that movie theater security guards can be beneficial in more ways than one. Aside from preventing gunman attacks and incorporating a sense of security to the customers, security guards can also help solve the problem of movie-hopping – when an individual buys just one ticket and ends up watching two or three. Security personnel can also ensure protection against theft or robberies at theaters.


Movie Theater Security Guards are Necessary


Today, security is one of the biggest issues that the entertainment, especially the film industry is facing. No one wants to endanger their lives for the cost of watching a movie at a theater. Some theater owners have realized the intensity of the situation and are acting to counter any such events in the future.

Even if increasing security means higher costs and reduced inefficiencies for theater management, the top most priority should be to ensure customer security so that the customers keep coming back.


To ensure movie goers are able to enjoy a movie without wondering if their safety is on the line, appointing security guards and increasing the security level at movie theaters is a must! Call on SRS Services today to fulfill your security needs.

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